Advocate Profile
Adv Rafiqul Islam

Adv Rafiqul Islam ( Rafiq) is a well professional Civil Lawyer in Bangladesh.He has been practicing  as a Lawyer of Satkhira District Lawyers Associations(SDLA). His practice in the court is well populated. Thus, he achieved a good standing Lawyer in Satkhira.

He is, again and again(2018,2019  and 2020) elected Executive Member (EC)of the Satkhira District Lawyers Association (SDLA). Basically he deals in civil relating matters. He also wants to give special emphasis on Family Laws. Because,he is a civil practitioner. He is also a practicing Panel  Lawyer of Legal Aids, Satkhira . He is  the CEO & Editor of BLR(BD Law Reports), a legal online legal portal in Bangladesh. Thus, this online legal portal is a well brand name in the virtual world.

Adv Rafiq is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)of “Rafiq & Associates”, a renowned Law Firm in Bangladesh. A group of Lawyers is associated with this Law Firm. They are practicing both civil and criminal matters. truly, this firm is well dedicated to its honorable clients.

He is also a Counselor of “Rafiq Law Academy(RLA)”.The academy is widely known in Bangladesh. Because he couches there for the pupilage of Bangladesh Bar Council and earned a good reputation. Thus, he achieved a leading counselor for pupilages.